Honda tillers are all powered by powerful 4-stroke engines that don't mix oil and gas and run clean enough to pass or exceed all EPA emission standards. Honda's tillers are smooth running, exceptionally quiet, and our tine designs make short work of tough jobs. A single pass with a Honda tiller will leave behind just what you want - fully conditioned soil that's at its very best.

Gardeners Series


$579 MSRP*

Lightweight and ultracompact this mini-tiller is perfect for small gardens, working in raised beds and narrow rows.

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$999 MSRP*

This light, easy-to-transport mid-tine tiller is perfect for flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

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$1,529 MSRP*

Features forward and reverse speeds for better control and a wide tilling path for covering more ground.

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Ground Breaking Series


$2,699 MSRP*

Features an exclusive ARS™ Active Rotary System™ with two sets of counter-rotating tines for tilling hard or never-broken soil.

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$3,499 MSRP*

Designed specifically for commercial users and rental stores who are breaking new ground day after day.

*MSRP does not include freight and PDI.